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French Translation Services

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French Translation Services
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French Translation Services

French is one of the languages spoken all over the world, and which is ranked the sixth in the list of the most widely spoken languages. It follows after Mandarin Chinese, English, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic.

Today French is an official language in 29 countries across five different continents. Nowadays there are about 220 million people speaking French as a native or a second language.  French is unusual in that it often exists alongside other languages in multilingual contexts. French is one of the working languages of the United Nations alongside English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. France today has a name for being a large European country with developing the economy, cultural, business systems which promise to grow and get developed in the nearest future.

French is one of the languages we offer a qualified translation.The team of linguists and native speakers can easily deliver information that you provide and translate it into more than 100 languages spoken in the world today.

Our translation services cover more than 100 languages including:

  •    French to English translation
  •    French to Arabic translation
  •    French to French translation
  •    French to German translation
  •    French to Spanish translation
  •    French to Russian translation
  •    French to Italian translation
  •    French to Japanese translation
  •    French to Chinese translation

Our company offers the highest-quality French translation solutions and we ensure that all of your French translation projects will always meet the most stringent standards for quality and accuracy.

  •    Certified French Translation
  •    French Document Translation
  •    French Legal Translation
  •    French Interpretation
  •    French Linguistic Validation
  •    French Interpretation
  •    French Transcription
  •    French Graphics Translation
  •    French Voice-overs
  •    French Subtitling
  •    French Marketing and Ads Translation
  •    French Deposition Services
  •    French Academic Translation
  •    French Medical Translation

We also provide not only specialized translation solutions but related business services to a number of industries.

French legal translation

We have legal translators specifically trained in ‘legalese’ and practice-area specific terminology. We offer a wide range of legal and litigation services such as document translation, document management, interpretation, Linguistic Validation, court reporting and transcription services.

Our expert translators have experience working with all types of legal documents including patent applications, merger and acquisition agreements, trademarks and copyrights contracts, wills and trusts, employment and other business documents, leases, and much more.

French government translation

Our company has partnered with a number of government agencies. We hold the reputation for providing the most reliable and dedicated client service in the translation field. Partnering with us you are guaranteed:

  •    An accurate and qualified document translation performed on time
  •    Combination of proficient knowledge of languages and implication of modern technologies
  •    Guarantee of the confidentiality of information

French business translation

Our team will gladly offer the service of translation and also business counseling to help create, execute, and optimize multilingual and multinational strategies for online/mobile, in-store content, and customer support interactions that drive recognition, sales, global growth, and customer loyalty. We ensure that all translations remain confidential. Our translators are sensitive to the nature of the industry and fully respect privileged documentation and information.

French marketing translation

It is not a secret that having a carefully thought out marketing strategy is important for the quality of your brand and the number of your target consumers. It all starts with thinking through the details, selecting proper words for hitting the point.

We know how to find intelligent solutions for specific target markets. Our company uses developed systems and tools to ensure quality control throughout the translation process.

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We are a well-recognized and certified translation office in Amman Jordan for decades and we know how to stand out from the crowd. We offer best low fixed prices and no extra charges or hidden fees. Once you fill the form you'll get the price in a few hours during working days.

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Once your translation order is placed successfully, your files will be sent to all our translation offices to be picked by any available translator. And to make it faster we accept payments in many ways including; credit card and PayPal, that will make us able to finish translating your files as fast as possible.

Best Quality Translation services Amman Jordan

Best Quality Translation

Abu Ghazaleh certified translation office offers high-quality translation offered by highly-trained and qualified native language translators. Abu Ghazaleh certified translation office applies the highest industry standards and certified by NAATI, TOLES, MSP, MST, embassies and directories in Jordan.

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